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Maruyama Chainsaw 10" - MCV3101TS(10)

Maruyama Chainsaw 10" - MCV3101TS(10)

SKU: MCV3101TS(10)

With a high output of 1.04kW from its 31.1cc engine, the well-balanced Maruyama MCV 3101TS top handled chainsaw is designed specifically for certified tree surgeons.


Effortless starting from Maruyama’s patented reverse 2 recoil system and Hybrid Anti-Vibration system, are quality features of this saw.

  • Specs

    • 30.1cc displacement
    • 1.04kW maximum power
    • 10” guide bar
    • 3/8” chain type
    • 240ml fuel tank
    • 180ml chain oil capacity
    • Vibration F/R 3.3m/s2 / 3.7m/s2
    • 3.2kg dry weight
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