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Maruyama Brush Cutter - BCV5021

Maruyama Brush Cutter - BCV5021

SKU: BCV5201

With a 50.1cc (1.76kw) ‘high compression ratio’/’high torque’ Maruyama engine, weighing in at 8.7kg, the BCV5021 is the ultimate semi-clearing saw for the commercial user.

Fitted with the Maruyama ‘reverse start’ system, the model is brought to life with ease.

Solid steel inner driveshaft, threaded at the clutch end coupled with ‘oversized volumetric anti-vibration dampers, reduce overall vibration, and a full ‘E-Harness’ complete with utility pouch, ensure that operator comfort with this machine is paramount.

  • Specs

    • 50.1cc displacement
    • 1.76kw maximum power
    • 8.7 kg of dry weight
    • Double handle
    • Vibration L/R 2.2m/s2 / 3.2m/s2
    • 1L fuel tank
    • Double E harness with utility pouch
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