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Maruyama Brush Cutter - MX22E

Maruyama Brush Cutter - MX22E


The MX 22E is a premium quality, loop handled brush cutter. Powered by Maruyama's class-leading, high torque commercial-grade AE/NC series engine. The 22.5cc 2 stroke engine has a maximum output of 0.77kw/1.03 H.P.

Maruyama's entry-level brush cutter weighs in at an exceptionally low 4.2kg, which makes it easier to use for long periods of time and has superb power to weight ratio. Meanwhile, the dual ball bearings that support the solid steel drive shaft are just one of the reasons the MX 22E has such a low vibration level of 2.9m/s2 / 2.7m2/s2.

Complete with adjustable D handle, tap'n'go head and blade ready the MX22E is the ideal tool for domestic and commercial users.

  • Specs

    • 22.5cc displacement
    • 0.77kW maximum power
    • 4.2kg dry weight
    • Loop handle
    • Vibration F/R 2.9m/s² / 2.7m/s²
    • 0.6L fuel tank
    • Shoulder strap
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