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Masport 500 AL - Low vibration handle-bar

Masport 500 AL - Low vibration handle-bar

SKU: 500AL

The 500 AL has a non-rust alloy chassis, zone start and a wash-port (hosepipe connection)  to help keep the underside of the mower clean. The 500 AL is fitted with a Smart Chute as standard, it enables the operator to switch easily from collecting to side/rear discharge of the clippings. The Quickcut™, swing back blade system is designed to protect the crankshaft from damage should the blade strike a solid object.


The 500 AL comes fitted as standard with a low vibration handle-bar.

  • Specs

    • B&S 190cc engine
    • Aluminium 46cm/18” Deck
    • Quickcut™ Blades
    • Comfortable upturned upper handle with PVC grip & OPC Controls
    • Reinforced lower handle for added strength
    • Camlocks for quick release handle fold down
    • Plastic Two-tone 46L Catcher
    • Smart Chute
    • Single Lever Height Adjustment
    • Adjustable Wheel Bearings
    • Wash-port
    • Zone Start
    • 31kg
    • Anti-Vibration handlebar that reduces to 3.1m/s²
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